Monday, November 14, 2011

Engagement in Tahiti

Okay, I know it is way past time to update the blog (my apologies for that).  I also need to update with all of the Tahiti details, however, everyone is wanting to hear this story, so here it is!

We flew to Tahiti and boarded the Paul Gauguin Ship on Saturday, November 5th.  After spending the day "acclimating", we got ready and went to our first ship dinner.  The wine guy brought us a bottle of wine to share that usually costs money, but he didn't charge us (alcohol was inclusive, except for nicer bottles of wine). So I was joking with T and saying, "Wow, they really like us".  Well, during dinner T told me, "Karla, I don't want you to be expecting a proposal on this isn't going to happen here. It is too expected by everyone and I want to surprise you when least expected".  I was kind of bummed, but just decided to not let it "rain on my cruise" (so to speak) and deal with the disappointment. 

The next day, Sunday, November 6th we had a great day. T dragged me hiking up this huge mountain to a cell was about a 4 mile hike, in the heat, and I was dying.  I am somewhat of a girly girl, but kept up with him in my flip flops and all.  We went back to the ship to get ready for dinner, and let me just say, it felt so good to shower after that hike!  I asked him what dress I should wear, and he picked my favorite one which I called "the fun dress" that I borrowed it from a co-worker (thanks Suzy).  So I got ready and everything felt so perfect and fun. T put on a button shirt and didn't tuck it in...I even told him, "You need to tuck that shirt in"...and he said "no".  This seemed odd to me because he usually asks me if he should tuck or not tuck...but I didn't think much more about it and quickly forgot.  

So we went to this little show where you meet the Captain and take a picture with him, and then watch a live painting show about Paul Gauguin's art. Here is the picture with the Captain (notice the un-tucked shirt). 

It was kind of boring watching the show, so we decided to leave and go have a pre-dinner drink at the Piano Bar. We had made reservations  at the restaurant the night before and asked for a nice spot by the window, which we got. After our drink, we went in and sat down at our spot.  T ordered a very nice bottle of wine. A few minutes later the waiter shows up with an appetizer and puts it in front of me and says, madam, the chef prepared a special appetizer for you all this evening.  I remember thinking to myself, wow, special wine last night and now a special appetizer, they do really like us.  
He lifted the lid and this was inside! 
I was totally surprised! 
T had arranged for the photographer to be there and he was snapping pictures.  T got down on his knee and didn't take his eyes off me...the funny thing was he was just speechless! He just stared at me. 
We could hear people in the room making funny comments like "They are the ones with 7 kids between them and she is a Grandma" other guy said "Get a room" (we met him the next day and joked about it)...people were happy, clapping, and watching the whole thing.  Then we just started kissing...and T was still speechless so I finally said, "Yes Terance, I will marry you". 
We turned around and realized all eyes were on us and the ring was still sitting there in the box.
T put the ring on my finger, and we got some final claps and congratulations...
It was so sweet, romantic, and just perfect! Oh, and the reason he didn't tuck in the shirt...the ring box with the ring was in his back pocket.  He excused himself and took it to the restaurant while we were having drinks at the Piano Bar, where he also lined up the photographer.   

We are super excited to start this new chapter in our lives!  As of right now, the wedding plans are for the end of June or early July!