Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I awoke this morning to a sweet and thoughtful surprise next to my coffee pot.  It is the first place I drag myself to every morning.  T snuck over in the early morning hours to leave it there...what a sweetheart!
Tonight we have a sitter coming to watch the kids and we are going out to dinner.  I love hanging out with my man...we really don't need Valentines to be romantic, but it is fun to participate in the day of love with everyone else.  :)

On a sad note though, Kami is sick with the flu that everyone else has had.  I had hoped she was going to be all better today.  She and Claire Marie sat at my table yesterday making all of their Valentines to pass out at school today, however she woke up with the fever back and not feeling good at all.  :(   She and Jenna are going to spend the evening with their dad, I sure hope she feels better so she can enjoy it.  I'm so ready for this sickness to be out of our homes!  The only ones who have steered clear of it are T and TJ.  I sure hope they aren't next!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Not fun...that is how I would describe the past week and half.

On Friday, January 27th Jenna left for her first every church camp with Reality Carpinteria.  She was so excited and I was so excited for her!  Sadly, that night she texted me that she wasn't feeling good and it progressed all weekend.  They thought she was just homesick, but when I picked her up Sunday, it was clear she was not feeling good.  Then, on Sunday night, I started coughing and had it too, as did Kami!  I spent 3 days in bed barely able to move and Jenna spend 5 days in bed!  This flu was brutal.  Kami was the only one who bounced back quickly....as far as T's house...Claire Marie actually had it the week before and somehow he and the boys managed to escape it.  

Sick together...
Lucky for Kami she was all better by Wednesday and got to go to her best friend Madison's slumber party on Friday the 3rd!  It was super exciting for her because they took a limo out to dinner.  Of course all of the other kids were mad...all we heard was "that's not fair" all weekend long!
Kami and her friends in the limo
On Superbowl Sunday, Claire Marie and I were still coughing, so T and I chose to stay home and watch the game from home...as you can see, T was pretty focused on the game...I on the other hand just kept him company (and browsed Amazon for the new dishes we want).   

T very watching the game intently...

Me shopping for new dishes...