Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I awoke this morning to a sweet and thoughtful surprise next to my coffee pot.  It is the first place I drag myself to every morning.  T snuck over in the early morning hours to leave it there...what a sweetheart!
Tonight we have a sitter coming to watch the kids and we are going out to dinner.  I love hanging out with my man...we really don't need Valentines to be romantic, but it is fun to participate in the day of love with everyone else.  :)

On a sad note though, Kami is sick with the flu that everyone else has had.  I had hoped she was going to be all better today.  She and Claire Marie sat at my table yesterday making all of their Valentines to pass out at school today, however she woke up with the fever back and not feeling good at all.  :(   She and Jenna are going to spend the evening with their dad, I sure hope she feels better so she can enjoy it.  I'm so ready for this sickness to be out of our homes!  The only ones who have steered clear of it are T and TJ.  I sure hope they aren't next!

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