Thursday, January 26, 2012

Goings On Around Here

Last Saturday we got to spend some time with Shelly and Phil.  We had a good time hanging out in the little town of Los Alamos, which we love.  That area is so nice!

Shelly and me
This week has been a little crazy...T had to be out of town two different days on business, which meant I had to leave work early and get home to watch the kiddos.  It was great, as I was able to bring work home with me and work from the table while the kids did all of their homework.  T's house stayed neat and orderly and all the kids picked up after themselves.  Kami told me I should come home early everyday because everyone does what they are supposed to when I am there.

Well, good news, starting next week I am going to be coming home every day when the kids get home and working from home.  I'm so happy that the church I work at is making this option available to me.  I absolutely hate not being there when the kids get home.  The kids are in for a big surprise as I am a big one for routine and order.  But then again, I think kids thrive on routine.

Another thing that happened this week is that I got braces...thank God for Invisalign .  Nobody can even tell I have them on, unless they look really close.  And the good news is they pop out, so when we get married, I don't even have to wear them.  Oh, and T said he thinks they are sexy...not sure what to make of that one.
Here is a picture, you an hardly tell (ignore my dorky look on my face).

Tomorrow Jenna will go off to her first Church Jr. High Camp!  I can't believe she is old enough to do that!  I'm really excited for her and so is she!  Hopefully she will take pictures and I can post some here!  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

176 Days...

Until the wedding....

Okay, part of me feels like that is really far, but the other part of me is starting to freak out and realize that is less than 6 months away!

I am on wedding duty, T is on honeymoon duty...I think i got the short end of that stick though.  Just kidding, I am loving it!  

One thing we have to do is find a home that will fit us and 5 kids.  This is actually kind of exciting...there is something about us finding a place together and making it ours that is very cool.  We found a home we really like and will see what happens.  The town is small, the school is great, and it is closer to Jackie, JP, and baby Hope (but not too far from the girls Dad, so we could still work out the weekends, etc.).  All in all, it would be a nice fresh change.

Anyway, not much else happening in our neck of the woods.  The kids are back in school, weekend sleepovers are happening again, dance has started again for Kami and Cita, Jenna started going to youth group at Reality, and Charlie and TJ are enjoying the video games they got for Christmas <giving T stink-eye for that one>.

Here is a photo of the kids from this last weekend when we went house hunting, we stopped for a bite to eat in Santa Ynez.  It was fun, but the only ones that decided they like looking at houses are Kami, Charlie, and Cita...TJ and Jenna said they don't want to go next time.  :P~

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter Break & Wedding Planning

Life has been busy since the holidays....the kids had three weeks off, which is just way too much.  By that third week they are bored and ready to go back and see their friends.  On a good note, they didn't drive each other crazy and the dynamics continue to be great with all five of them.

T and I are busy getting ready for the wedding and all of the other details marriage will include (where we will live, premarital counseling, etc)...for some reason, even though we are trying to keep it simple, we feel like we are way behind.  We have set a date of July 14th.  It will be a smaller size wedding, with just family and close friends.  Of course T's family counts for almost 50!

We kept busy over break and tried to do fun things with the kids (bike rides, short trips, bbq's, etc).  Here are a few pictures from a hike we went on...Maggie came too!  :)

End of trail...see T peeking through the trees?