Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter Break & Wedding Planning

Life has been busy since the holidays....the kids had three weeks off, which is just way too much.  By that third week they are bored and ready to go back and see their friends.  On a good note, they didn't drive each other crazy and the dynamics continue to be great with all five of them.

T and I are busy getting ready for the wedding and all of the other details marriage will include (where we will live, premarital counseling, etc)...for some reason, even though we are trying to keep it simple, we feel like we are way behind.  We have set a date of July 14th.  It will be a smaller size wedding, with just family and close friends.  Of course T's family counts for almost 50!

We kept busy over break and tried to do fun things with the kids (bike rides, short trips, bbq's, etc).  Here are a few pictures from a hike we went on...Maggie came too!  :)

End of trail...see T peeking through the trees?

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