Thursday, January 19, 2012

176 Days...

Until the wedding....

Okay, part of me feels like that is really far, but the other part of me is starting to freak out and realize that is less than 6 months away!

I am on wedding duty, T is on honeymoon duty...I think i got the short end of that stick though.  Just kidding, I am loving it!  

One thing we have to do is find a home that will fit us and 5 kids.  This is actually kind of exciting...there is something about us finding a place together and making it ours that is very cool.  We found a home we really like and will see what happens.  The town is small, the school is great, and it is closer to Jackie, JP, and baby Hope (but not too far from the girls Dad, so we could still work out the weekends, etc.).  All in all, it would be a nice fresh change.

Anyway, not much else happening in our neck of the woods.  The kids are back in school, weekend sleepovers are happening again, dance has started again for Kami and Cita, Jenna started going to youth group at Reality, and Charlie and TJ are enjoying the video games they got for Christmas <giving T stink-eye for that one>.

Here is a photo of the kids from this last weekend when we went house hunting, we stopped for a bite to eat in Santa Ynez.  It was fun, but the only ones that decided they like looking at houses are Kami, Charlie, and Cita...TJ and Jenna said they don't want to go next time.  :P~

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