Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crazy Busy

Well, between visits from family, head lice, cheer-leading, a shopping trip, and life in general, there has not been much time at all to post in the blog!

We have had a few visits from my daughter Jackie who is 24 1/2 weeks pregnant.  Can't believe I will have a grandchild in just a little over 3 months...and in case you haven't heard, it is a GIRL!  Her name will be Hope.

My brother and his wife also came to visit us this past Sunday...we had a fun day with some good wines and lots of great conversation with them.

Last week T got a call that Claire Marie had head, this has been a fun experience this past week (not)...washing everything in the house, vacuuming, shampooing, and nit checking.

On Saturday I took all three girls shopping, we had so much fun!  The girls tried on so many clothes and all walked away happy with bags full.  To say three girls are expensive would be an understatement. YIKES.

I have also taken on the volunteer position of cheer coordinator for the Little Indian Cheer Squad.  I have been busy twice a week going to cheer sign ups to enroll is going to be a crazy busy year with Kami cheering. Claire Marie already wants to cheer, but has to wait till she is in 3rd grade.  Meanwhile, Jenna has no interest in cheering...have to find "her thing" for her to do next year.

Here are a few pictures from the past week!  Wish us luck in the busy days ahead!
Jackie and baby Hope at 24 weeks

The shopping spree!!!!
T not so sure about me taking his picture...

Joey isn't so sure either...

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