Monday, September 5, 2011

A year ago today....

T walked into my life...
We were just talking last night about how quickly the time has flown by!  I'm so glad I went to the pool that day in September...

Here are several pictures of T and me from this first year...
Vegas Trip in September, kind of our first date...
Storyteller Event in October
Halloween Party at T's
First Thanksgiving together in November
The Pilmer Holiday Party in December
Hanging at the Palms in January
Hanging at the pool hall with Risa and her T in February
Wine tasting in March
Shooting pool in April 
1940's Fundraiser in April
Wine tasting again in April
Lotus Land in May
Eating out in June
St Thomas, Virgin Islands in June
A little wine tasting in July
Outdoor concert in August

Well, in case you can't tell, we enjoy each others company so very much, and we do find the time to escape and get away from the craziness of being around the kids!

I love you T, and again, I'm so glad I went to the pool that day!

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