Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day in a New School!

Today was the first day of school for the kids.  New school.  They had mixed feelings of excitement and nerves.

For the most part the morning went well.  They woke up, had their breakfast, put on their new school clothes, got their backpacks ready, and got on their bikes.  I rode my bike with them so I could walk each of them to their new class.  They are in a K-8 school, so they all get to be together, which is nice.

I went to 14 different school as a kid.  No, my dad was not in the military.  We just moved...A LOT!  I can remember that nervous feeling each time I started a new school.  Most of the time though I would have a new friend by the end of the first day...if not the first day, the end of the first week for sure.

We rode our bikes and took Claire (what she now wants to be called) to her classroom.  We went to drop off Charlie next, but his class was still closed.  We all walked over and dropped off a very nervous Kami.  I think she was pleased to see about 8 little girls already sitting down in desks...she was afraid there were no kids her age in town.  They all looked at Kami, and I could tell were asking who she was.  We then went to take Jenna, who I think may be the most nervous.  She is so shy at first and takes so long to warm up.  Her teacher asked her if he could take her in and introduce her to a couple of kids and she said no.  Then she told me she didn't want to go in.  I told her okay, she could go with us to take Charlie and we would go back.  I felt so bad, she looked like she was about to cry.  I told her she couldn't cry, as she was a 7th grader and all the kids would see.  I asked her if she wanted me to tell her teacher she didn't want to be introduced yet, and she said yes!  We dropped off Charlie with no problem.  He just walked right in and took a seat.  I introduced myself to his teacher and told her he was new to town.  So by the time we got back, Jenna wasn't on the verge of tears anymore, and when we told her teacher she didn't want to be introduced yet, she just wanted to sit down, he said okay...and she went right in.  I then took a slightly nervous TJ to his class.  We had to wait for his teacher and met a couple of very nice boys.  His teacher came along and in he went.

So overall, it was fine.  Almost had an issue with Jenna and glad I figured out that she just didn't want to be introduced to anyone.  Whew!  After school today we are taking them to lunch at the famous "Charlie's Burgers" in town.  :)


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