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After the wedding, T and I took off and went to Napa for 3 days followed by a day in San Francisco.  This was my first trip to Napa and I loved it!  We went on a few wine tours, ate at great restaurants, and stayed in a lovely little bed and breakfast!  Can't wait to go back again, it is a great little getaway!
One of the vineyards

Enjoying a martini at Top of the Mark in San Fancisco
Cheesy smile #1

Cheesier Smile #2

Now the second honeymoon was the "Family Honeymoon" (if there is such a thing).  We took the five youngest kids on a cruise to Mexico.  The kids love cruises and we didn't have to deal with flying, so it just made sense!  We were going to go to Hawaii, but the airline tickets would have cost more than the cruise!  

We all had a blast and by the end of the trip Jenna, TJ, Kami, and Charlie had learned such great manners about elegant dining, a lady actually came up to our table and complemented us on how well behaved our children were.  :)  The kids were beaming because they were working so hard at it!  

We spent two days in Cabo, one day in Puerto Vallarta, and the rest of the days at sea.  On the last Saturday T and I had "date night" and ate at the steakhouse, while the four oldest had dinner on their own in the elegant dining room.  They were so cute.  We met them in time for dessert and the waiters said they were wonderful!  Claire Marie enjoyed camp carnival most of the time and didn't want to leave.  

Here are some photos from the cruise!

Claire Marie and T

Don't make me laugh, you know I want to be mad right now...

Horseback riding excursion!

TJ's horse was wild and kept kicking the horse behind him!

My horse was a sweetie :)

Kami loved hers!
Kami and me at dinner

Charlie, Jenna, and T being goofy

Resort we hung out at on day 2 in Cabo

Just hanging on the ship...probably headed to the arcade!

Silly Girls

Self portrait!

Jenna asked for soy sauce one night for rice, and they brought it to her every single night after that!  LOL

Charlie trying to imitate the weird singer guy

Private beach and ready to hang!

Ziplining anyone?

Let's play with a monkey first!

Our entertainment on the boat on the way back to the ship

Lunch time

Jenna made Charlie into a mermaid...or should i say merman?

Our date night...

They brought this for our honeymoon

The kids at dinner alone!

Charlie and our head waiter Spitz 
Other waiter Edguardo

Jenna and Spitz

Gotta love the towel animals and chocolates

Charlie hanging in the window

We all loved this

It's hot out here...we are melting...we hate

Charlie on his horse...

Jenna chickened out of the horse back riding, so they took her on an ATV ride.

This was an awesome experience

Kami loved her horse

What is Jenna up to?

Hanging towel animal...but what is it?

Adorable kids... 
Almost all serious...

Off to the pool...

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