Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet the kids

The five youngest...
On the far left is Kami, age 9. Sweet, sensitive, and goofy.  She loves to dance, cheer, and ride her bike.  She has the attitude of she can do anything boys can do, but she can do it better.

Second from the left is Claire Marie, age 5.  She is as cute as she is smart.  She loves to read books, sing, dance, play games, and spend time hanging with her Daddy.

In the middle is Charlie, age 8.  He is bright and funny, and has a lot of friends.  He loves to play video games and usually finds a way to get out of doing his homework.

Second from the right is Jenna, age 11.  She is sweet and young at  heart.  She loves to play her iPod, watch a DVD, and play on the computer all at the same time.  I'm thinking she may be the queen of multitasking!  Jenna loves to swim and hang out in the hot tub.

On the right is TJ, age 10. He is one of the most easy going of all the kids.  He loves to play his iPod, watch TV shows that I say no to, but his dad says yes to...and he loves to play video games too.

Here is Joey, age 20.  Joey is fun to be around and always on the scene.  He lives with his dad, but I'm convinced he is at my house or T's more than he is there.

He helps us out tremendously and not only that, we actually enjoy hanging out with him too.  He has a sweet girlfriend named Rosy who we like very much and are happy they met!

Jackie & hubby JP
And lastly is Jackie, age 22...along with her husband JP (who was her high school sweetheart).  She has been married for almost 3 years and they are expecting their first baby on September 8th.

Jackie is funny, sweet, and always making us laugh.  We are looking forward to watching her become a mother.  I'm super excited to be a grandparent?  Can't wait to add that to the mix!

So there you have the 7 that keep us so very busy and on our toes!

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