Monday, March 28, 2011

We made it!

We finally made it to Texas! We arrived around 3:45 Texas time today!

Yesterday was a great day! We left Arizona around 10 am and drove to Albuquerque New Mexico and stayed at the Sheraton. The kids were stoked because they were able to go in the heated indoor pool! T and I were stoked because we were able to sneak out for a quiet dinner alone after the kids swam...Jackie stayed in the room with them so we could get away...and believe me, after 2 days in an RV with them....we needed the escape. A funny thing about that though...we had decided to let the kids swim first...and went to the rooms to change...well, I thought T meant for us to change into our bathing Jackie and I went in our room and put on our cute new suits....only to open the door to T and find him dressed to take me to funny!

Today another funny thing happened...T said he was going to get up at 6:30 am to go down in the lobby and do some work....well, I decided to surprise him and be up, showered and dressed by 8 am so we could get on the 8 am I arrived at their room, only to find them all still asleep! So...let the record show....I was ready before T! And those that know him know exactly why this is a big deal to me! :)

We had a great breakfast at the cracker barrel and got on the road right after. Tonight we had dinner at The Big Texan with my dad, Peggy, and my Texas family! So fun! I will upload some pictures....but they will be in a separate post because I can't sinc them with my iPad isn't quite perfect yet.

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