Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break in Vegas!

Well, T and I wanted to find something to do with the kids for spring break...we didn't want them sitting around watching TV for the whole week.  We also wanted to go somewhere fairly close that we could just pack up the suburban and drive to.

We decided to take them to Vegas...and make it a kids trip.  Yes, there is a lot to do in Vegas for kids.  It isn't all about gambling!

We arrived on Sunday and got settled into the Vdara.  We were so excited that we ended up on the 56th floor which was the top floor.  We had amazing views and even a perfect view of the water show!

So, what is there for kids to do in Vegas?  Lots...and we weren't there long enough to even scratch the surface.  They swam, we ate at the Rain Forest Cafe, we had ice cream, we went to the Shark Reef Aquarium, we shopped, we ate at The Hard Rock Cafe, hung out by the pool, went to Wolf Gang Pucks pizzeria (where the kids were treated like little celebrities), went to the arcade, swam some more....then it was already time to leave.  The kids were bummed and didn't want to go.  They even asked if they can go back this summer.  So, I guess it was a hit.

Goofy Hat Alert

Kami and Claire Marie at Hard Rock Cafe

Going to see the sharks!

Our view during the day

View of water show at night

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