Monday, March 19, 2012

What? Neighbors?

T and I have been neighbors for 15 months now.  When people hear that we live next door to each other they always assume that is how we met....however it is not.  I moved in three months after I met T.

I will never forget the first time T suggested I consider moving next door when the house came available for rent.  He was seriously considering buying it, and I was living in a small condo with Jenna and Kami.  My place wasn't great for kids...there was no place for them to ride bikes, roller blade, hang out in a typical kid neighborhood, etc.  The idea of having a great place for them to do these things was very appealing.  However, with that came concerns...what if T and I don't work out?  What would it be like if we broke up and I had a boyfriend, or he had a girlfriend?  Would we see too much of each other and not have any privacy?  As a result of these concerns, my first thought was "no way"!

However, in November 2010 I went away on a "Vegas Girls Trip".  I asked the girls over and over that weekend what they thought I should do.  On the car ride back my friend Annette said..."Karla, I think you should take a chance".   So I did...and I'm so glad for that.

You see, T knew exactly what he was doing.  As a result of moving next door, our 5 kids were able to slowly blend.  We were able to see how the "kid dynamics" would be.  It started out we would have dinner together a few times a week, that eventually turned into just about every night.  It started out the girls and I would hang at my house...before I knew it they were getting home or waking up and immediately saying they were going next door to play with T's kids.  Of course it isn't always perfect and we sometimes have our "issues"...but for the most part the dynamics are great and we have worked through a lot of obstacles.  It also gave T and I a chance to see how we would work out as a couple.  We learned that we are very similar in a lot of ways, very different in a lot of ways, but we work things out and give and take where we need to.

In a few months we will be officially blending our family into one home.  As a result of T's bright idea, I believe it will be easier than it would have been had we dated for this past 18 months and lived across town from each other.  I'm sure we will have our adjustments, but all in all this was the best decision we have made in preparing for this day  (which is now only 116 days away, but who is counting?).

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  1. I love it!!! what a great story.
    You're right, it all worked out for the BEST! Talk soon, Shell